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Our rest would not be the same without a pillow. A faithful companion every night who is responsible for ensuring the best cervical rest. A pillow allows you to maintain a correct posture when sleeping. A pillow that adapts our rest is essential to rest well every night. The first question that may come to mind is what material is ideal for the pillow: you can choose between memory foam, latex, microfiber or feathers. Beyond composition, what should you take into account to opt for one?


The size of the pillow is the first point you should consider when buying it. It must be the same size as the bed, although if you sleep in a double bed, you can also choose two pillows of the same size, one for each half of the mattress.


The posture to sleep is a very important factor, since your new pillow must adapt to your needs:

If you sleep on your back, the best option is to choose a pillow of medium height and firmness. Betting on an intermediate option prevents the neck from making forced postures, which may affect cervical pain. Feather-touch pillows or refillable flakes are recommended, although you cannot rule out any memory foam variable.

If you sleep on your side, on either side, it is recommended that you bet on a thicker and firmer cushion, with a medium-high capacity. In this case, memory foam is your ideal option, since it has a high height and density.

On the other hand, if you opt for sleeping on your stomach, a posture that we do not recommend, it is best to use a short and soft cushion. Deciding on best cervical pillow review , firmer pillows will affect your back.


The firmness you need is a point that is related to your posture, your age and your tastes and needs. If you need a firm pillow, the memory foam with carbon or latex are perfect for your cervicals. If you prefer an intermediate firmness, the fiber or microfiber pillow can adapt to your needs, but do not discard the perforated memory foam pillow either. A good option that suits most people. In case you require low firmness, the pillows made with children and youth audience in mind are perfect for you.


If you need high breathability at rest, we recommend using breathable pillows, such as the Mlily Fresh-Gel Pillow, designed for those who need freshness at rest, thanks to its gel-molded memory foam. Other recommended pillows are the Mlily Ergonomic, the Perforated Memory Foam or the Carbon Active, which incorporate variables with respect to the memory foam to improve breathability at rest. It is also recommended to combine the pillow with a breathable Tencel Cover.



If you require any special treatment during your rest, your pillow can be of great help. If you want to correct your cervicals, the Cervical Pillow is made for you, since it has a curvature in the central part of a difference of 2.5 cm between the upper and lower parts of the pillow. Another pillow that helps improve rest during pregnancy is the posture pillow. Improves the comfort and support of women during the months of pregnancy helping to better fall asleep.

Once you have chosen your pillow, there is another point to keep in mind: it is essential to protect it from daily use so that it is always perfect. That's why you should always include the Tencel Breathable Pillow Case, which ensures high breathability and waterproofness so that you rest comfortably and without worries.

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